0 Degree Borescope, 4mm x 12"

Reference: 15676

Superb Quality Optics Which Provide Clear, Bright Images For Any Standard Industrial Application.
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Flexbar Rigid Borescope, 0 Degree

Features superb quality optics which provide clear, bright images for any standard industrial application.

Ideal for use with Flexbar Video Borescope Systems.

Main Features:
Probe tubing is stainless steel for extra durability.
Eyepiece is standard 32mm...accepts Flexbar C-Mount coupler No. 13285 for video system usage.
Integral cool fiberoptic lighting provides bright and even lighting.
Wide angle field of view for direct and lateral viewing.
Light guide post connects with Flexbar light guide (No. 13283) for use with Flexbar Lightsource or optional Flexbar portable light handle.
Model No. 15676, 0 Degree Borescope

Diameter: 4mm (.160")
Length: 12"
Field of View: 0 degree