G1 Geometric Digital Readout

Reference: EV-G1


The J&L G1 Digital Readout is our most affordable and easy to use Geometric Readout.

Designed for the Shop Floor and is well known for quick and easy operation.

Connect directly to any optical comparator or Video Measurement Systems with scales or encoders

Will measure point to point, diameter,radius, angle, center to center and much more.

Impressive Price for System of this Quality - There is a reason why J&L has been in business for 100 years.  One word.. Quality!

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Available to order

The G1 Digital Readout by J&L Metrology is our most widely used geometric readout box.  The G1 can be retro-fit to any optical comparator, video inspection system, our video measurement system with TTL encoders or glass scales.

The G1 is very easy to use and designed for the shop floor.  If you are looking for "quick and easy measurements at at an affordable price, this is for digital readout for your. y


  • Measures Point to Point Distance, Diameter, Radius, Angle and Circle to Circle Distance
  • Easy to Use LCD Display
  • Quick and Simple Retrofit to any Optical Comparator or Video System
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA with 100 years experience

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G1 Geometric Digital Readout

G1 Geometric Digital Readout

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