Reference: 20780

High quality Stereo Zoom Optics with a built-in High Resolution CCD Camera
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Digiscope Video Microscope System
The DigiScope Video Microscope System combines high quality Stereo Zoom Optics with a built-in High Resolution CCD Camera, Plug & Play Computer Output and Free User-Friendly Imaging and Measurement Software. High quality optics provide sharp and erect images with excellent resolution. It also features a full range of accessories for different applications.
System Features:

Zoom Range 1:4
Magnification 10x-40x with WF10x Eyepieces
Total Magnification Range of 5x to 120x with Optional Eyepieces/Objectives
High resolution CCD camera with field of view about 80% of the microscope.
Analogue signal for camera 3, 1/3" CCD 480 TV lines
Digital signal for camera 2, 1/4" CCD 640x480 pixels
Built-in grabber to convert analogue signal to digital signal (for camera 3)
Plug and Play computer application with simple USB plug
USB, S-Video and RCA video cables provided
User-friendly image analyzing software
Real time image meeting through Internet
Image sharing through Internet enables real time on-line discussions
Model No. 20780, Digiscope Video Microscope System, complete with Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope, all cables and Images Plus Software.